Deputy's kindness leads to drug arrest

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It was the kindness of a Rabun County deputy that ended up getting a drug dealer off the streets. The deputy noticed a homeless man, talked to him, and even bought him some food, but in the process, he noticed something else going down: drug deals.

It could be said that two Checker’s burgers and a conversation between a deputy and a homeless man landed Frank Sheldon behind bars.

WATCH: An act of kindness leads to a drug bust

“He got to talking and he said he was hungry so the deputy loaded him up, and took him through one of the restaurant here. And I guess from that conversation, building up trust there, he started telling him about what he had seen,” said Rabun County Sheriff Chad Nichols.

The sheriff said the homeless man told the deputy he had seen a man in a nearby parking lot selling drugs. Acting on the tip, deputies headed over to the nearby Wendy’s where Sheldon was. Deputies said they found eight bags of meth, ready to be distributed.

Sheriff Nichols said this is not the first time Sheldon has been in trouble with the law.

“He's had several booking, and drug stuff in the past. It's good to get him off the street,” said the sheriff.

Sheriff Nichols said he is not surprised his deputy picked up the homeless man and took him to get some food, saying they are a close-knit community. But he is now even more grateful his deputies are compassionate.

“Very pleased the deputy took initiative to stop and show compassion, talk to this guy, get him fed to follow up on tip the guy gave and got drugs off the street,” said Sheriff Nichols.

The sheriff said the arrest kept eight people from getting a dose of dangerous drugs that day.

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