Deputies under Federal Indictment over Abuse Allegations

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 The 15 count federal indictment stems from allegations that four  inmates were tased repeatedly inside the DeKalb County Jail from 2011 through 2012.
      It names Sergeant Dwight Hamilton and Lt. Leonard Dreyer who worked as Hamilton's supervisor at the jail. Monday Dreyer  was arraigned in federal court.
      The document indicates Hamilton repeatedly tasered 4 different inmates..under the direction of Lt. Dreyer. The deputies allegedly punished the inmates for attempting to harm them.
   But in a 2012 inmate was allegedly tasered after he was dragged through toilet water for flooding a cell.
       The grand jury says there was no justification for using the tasers. The indictment goes on to say the two men covered up their alleged action by lying on incident reports and even withholding information from federal officials who were investigating the inmates' allegations.
     DeKalb Sheriff Jeffrey Mann issued a statement late Monday saying Sgt. Hamilton resigned in lieu of termination in February 2012 following an internal investigation.
     The Sheriff says Dreyer was cleared of a similar allegation of misconduct that same year and is now on administrative leave pending the resolution of this case.
      Hamilton is scheduled to go before a Federal Judge on Friday.