Deputies say road rage incident involved threat with machete

A road rage suspect is out of jail on bond, accused of threatening another driver with a machete.

According to investigators, Jose Rosado, 36, threatened Richard Reices, 20, as the two were driving along side each other in Kissimmee on Monday evening.

"There was a guy that cut in front of me, and I beeped my horn really short," explained Reices.  "When I did that, he started being hostile with me."

Reices said Rosado then stopped his car and pulled out the machete. "He was waving it in traffic, saying 'Come out of the car! Come out of the car!' I didn't get out of the car; I was terrified."

Deputies said Rosado got back into his car, but then pulled over to the side of the road and struck Reices as he passed him. "I could have been dead, possibly dead," Reices said. 

A deputy was driving past them at the time of the incident and stopped Rosado.  According to an arrest report, Rosado admitted that he threatened Reices with a machete, but he denied hitting his car.  

Rosado was released from jail on a $1,500 bond.  According to investigators, he is a registered sex offender. 

"I think the crazy part is that he's out now.," said Reices.  "He just got released!" That's the crazy part!"

FOX 35 attempted to get a comment from Rosado by phone, but he hung up on us.