Deputies Investigate Dispute Involving Police Chiefs

A dispute between two police chiefs remains under investigation.

According to a report by the Habersham County Sheriff's Office, Toccoa Police Chief Tim Jarrell called law enforcement on September 21 to accompany him to his home.

The night before, the report states, Jarrell and his girlfriend, Piedmont College Police Chief Chanon Pritchard, had gotten into an argument about a woman he had talked to while the couple was briefly broken up a few weeks prior. The pair had been drinking before the argument and Jarrell told the deputy that "due to [Pritchard] being intoxicated the incident escalated."

Jarrell told investigators that he went to his car to get something and when he returned to the house, Pritchard had locked him out. The Chief said he asked her to let him in to gather some of his belongings.

"She told him, 'F--- you, just leave,' while she was wielding a pistol/handgun," the report reads.

When Jarrell returned the next day with the deputy, they discovered Jarrell's clothing spread across the ground in front of the home. According to the report, the side mirrors, tail lights and hood of Jarrell's Ford F-150 were damaged. His Harley Davidson motorcycle had been pushed to the ground and fuel was leaking from the tank. The report estimated the damage to the vehicles at about $4,500.

The Sheriff's Office report also noted that someone had rifled through Jarrell's Toccoa Police Department Chevrolet truck, though it was not damaged.

Jarrell also found the credit cards, documents, and money in his wallet cut up, which included his official City of Toccoa Chief of Police Identification Card.

Investigators interviewed Chief Pritchard about the incident, but they have not filed any charges against her.

Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell declined to comment on the case, citing the ongoing investigation.

A representative for Piedmont College said the school does not comment publicly on personnel matters.

Neither Pritchard nor Jarrell returned requests for comments.