Deputies: Husky abandoned with no food or water for 2 weeks, owners wanted

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Gwinnett County sheriff's deputies are searching for a couple wanted on charges of animal cruelty. Deputies said they left their dog on their apartment balcony when they moved out.

Investigators said the 2-year old husky had been trapped on the screened-in balcony with no food or water in the Georgia heat for almost two weeks when management at the Parc Shores apartments on Satellite Boulevard realized the dog had been abandoned they called 911.

The sheriff's office shared body cam video with FOX 5 News of deputies going in to the apartment to rescue the dog. She was skinny and dehydrated. One of the neighbors said they saw the deputies rescue the pup.

"She didn't have any food or water at all, so it's a miracle she was still alive when they got to her," said the neighbor.

Almost two weeks later, the husky is doing much better. She's being cared for at the Gwinnett Animal Shelter. While she recovers, deputies are searching for her owners, Nicol Moreno-Mariano and Daniel Ugalde-Andres. Investigators believe they intentionally left her behind when they moved out.

"It's a cruel situation for anyone not to feed a dog and allow time to go by and just abandon it," said Alan Davis with Gwinnett Animal Welfare.

Davis said there's no reason for anyone to just leave a pet. If for any reason someone can no longer take care of their pet, they can surrender the animal at the Gwinnett Animal Welfare Office and they will try to find the animal a new home.

As for the husky, she is not allowed to be adopted until deputies finish their investigation.