Deputies: Coweta County man kills wife in front of children

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It's an unimaginable horror for two sisters who investigators said were in a car when their father shot and killed their mother then turned the pistol on himself.

Investigators with the Coweta County Sheriff's Office told FOX 5 News the sisters were in the back seat of the families BMW during the murder-suicide.

"It's incomprehensible, I have no words for that," said Sgt. Jae Robertson with the Coweta County Sheriff's Office.

The house sits a bit isolated on Highway 154, leaving nearby residents wondering what all the police presence was for.

"I looked on the right side and I saw at least ten police, more police cars and I was like what is going on? And I called my mom and I was like is everything okay," said Kristen Kanaskie, who drove by the crime scene.

Investigators said deputies found the two girls on the driveway sobbing uncontrollably when they responded Sunday around 10 p.m.

FOX 5 News was told the siblings are safe with family members with a long road of counseling services ahead of them. 

Sgt. Robertson said the District Attorneys Office and the Sheriff's Office will offer counseling services.

"I just hope they take care of the kids so they can move forward, it's going to be tough," said Beth Rush, who lives nearby.

Investigators told us they found the husband behind the wheel still gripping the gun with both hands.

His wife was pronounced dead at the scene. He was rushed to Atlanta Medical Center where was pronounced dead Monday night.

Sgt. Robertson said deputies had not been called to the house before.

"We really don't have any good answers as to why this took place," said Sgt. Robertson.

The names of the woman murdered and her husband who took her life were not released as of late Monday night.

Sgt: Robertson said more information should be released sometime Tuesday.