Denby student says cheerleading squad attacked her over a boy

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A 15-year-old Denby High School girl says she was jumped by the cheerleading squad.

One of her classmates caught the incident on camera - now she is suspended and so are the other girls involved. FOX 2 is told it all started over an invitation to the prom.

It happened Monday morning, third period at Denby, located on Detroit's eastside.

"They just jumped me," said Amina Hall, a freshman. "I handled my own, but they jumped me. The whole Denby cheerleading team except maybe two."

In most high schools the cheerleaders cheer, not fight.

FOX 2: "Why anyone want to jump you?"

"It is over a boy," she said.

FOX 2: "Your daughter said it was over a boy?"

"Yes it's because the boy asked her friend to go to prom," said Keyte Duncan, Amina's mother.

Prom or no prom, fighting in school is not tolerated.

"It would be like me asking you to prom," Duncan said. "I think it was (being insecure) and jealousy."

Never the less, Denby spokesperson Robert Guttersohn said that five students were suspended until May 3, and 12 students were told to stay home for one day. 

Luckily, no injuries occurred and the incident is still under investigation.

It is possible that criminal charges could come out of this but usually unless there is serious injury, fights in school do not lead to charges.