DeKalb Police release surveillance, ask for witnesses in murder of 3-year-old

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Investigators released surveillance video Wednesday that they hope will help lead them to witnesses in the murder of an innocent 3-year-old boy.

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T'Rhigi Craig died Sunday after DeKalb County Police said someone fired a shot into the back seat of his mother's SUV as she drove near the intersection of Bouldercrest and Eastland Roads at around 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

DeKalb County Police officers want the customers at the Texaco at that time to come forward and let the police know if they saw or heard anything.  

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"This is a three-year-old that had anything to do with anything.  So, it's very important people come forward to help us out with this case for this--to help the mom out.  I can't explain to you how the mom feels at this time," said DeKalb Police Lt. Rod Bryant.  "This not the police asking; this is us asking for the mom."  

Detectives initially focused their investigation on a gray Dodge Charger because Craig's mother told police she saw someone wave a paintball gun from the vehicle's window before the shot rang out.  Investigators would still like to talk to the people inside that car, but at this point, they only believe them to be potential witnesses to the crime.

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