DeKalb high school grads donate to neighbors around Thanksgiving holiday

The line of cars leading up to Southwest DeKalb High School off Wesley Chapel Road was a clear sign the Thanksgiving food drive held throughout the day was desperately wanted and appreciated.

Carolyn Carter arrived early Wednesday to be the first in line for the 20-pound boxes of fresh produce, meat, dairy, and vegetables for her, her young adult daughter, and her daughter's friends.

"They're not working the hours they used to work, so they need this. And right now, with my income being lowered for working the less hours that I'm working, it means everything to us. I am very appreciative," Carter said.

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Porsche Miller volunteered to serve at the high school food drive because she remembers what hard times were like for her family. She said people shouldn't let shame or embarrassment stop them from going to Southwest DeKalb when the food drive resumes Monday at noon.

"We're giving out two boxes per car, but if they say they need more, we are giving out more. So if you need to come out and get some food for your family, or get some food for another family and just want to save money, please come out," said Miller, who helped load boxes into trunks during the socially distant food drive.

Organizer Quinton Davis graduated from Southwest DeKalb in 2005 and organized the event to help families surrounding the high school in the community he loves. The goal of his organization "Seven a Week" is to give away 1,200 of the 20-pound boxes Wednesday and another 2,600 on Monday.

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"Everybody's been impacted by COVID-19 and people who never needed help before need it more now. So we're trying to make sure we reach as many people as possible and continue this and not just around Thanksgiving, but it's about the 52 weeks of the year," said Davis, who helped coordinate the donations of food from community leaders and businesses.

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