DeKalb Fire Dept. Employees under Internal Investigation for Police Accusation

It was the police body camera video that outraged people across the county.

Two DeKalb county fire department employees accused a Stone Mountain police officer cussing one of them out during a traffic stop.

But, his body camera showed no cussing.

And more than 450,000 people saw the story on our FOX 5 YouTube page and web page.

Now, DeKalb County Public Safety director, Dr. Cedric Alexander says a full investigation is underway. Dr. Alexander oversees the police and Fire departments in DeKalb County.

The internal investigation is serious, and could potentially be criminal if investigators feel a false sworn statement was given.

And, Dr. Cedric Alexander was not happy at all, when he saw the two employees throwing his name around during the traffic stop.

 “The conduct of their behavior is unbecoming of any employee,” said Dr. Alexander. “It was unprofessional; it did not warrant them using my name by any regards whatsoever.”

But the traffic stop in question was much more than fire department employees throwing the bosses name around. Those same two employees claimed that the Stone Mountain Police officer who made the traffic stop was unprofessional, belligerent, and cussed one of them out.

This is how it unfolded. Sergeant Steven Floyd pulls over DeKalb Fire Captain Terrell Davis for an expired tag at a local school.

Davis calls his co-worker Krystal Cathartic to the scene. Both fire department employees asked the Stone Mountain St. if they needed to call their boss Dr. Alexander.

Sgt. Floyd issued the ticket but has to ask Krystal Cathcart to step away from the scene, since she wasn't involved. His body camera shows he never cussed.

But, Crystal Cathcart filed a written complaint, which included a warning about making a false sworn statement. She claimed Sgt. Floyd created "a sense of fear" at the scene, cussed her out twice, telling her to "back the f--- up" or he will throw her in the "back of my squad car."

DeKalb County Fire Captain Terrell Davis backed up her written complaint saying Sgt. Floyd was "unprofessional, belligerent and disrespectful."

After Stone Mountain played the Sgt. Floyd's body camera video showing no cussing, Ms. Cathcart changed her story, writing "I recant the error of Sgt. Floyd using profanity."

“It's going to receive a full investigation into allegations that were made by DeKalb employees to Stone Mountain officer who was doing their job,” said Dr. Alexander.