Best friends say they will get justice for DeKalb County mother murdered in front of son

DeKalb County police are still searching for the man who gunned down a young mother in front of her son.

The woman's best friends told FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor just six days after the shooting, the gunman is busy on social media. Now, they're speaking out, frustrated that no arrest has been made.

"I am upset because it's day six, and the person who did this is still not caught. He's still out this," Niah Boykin said.

She and another one of the victim's close friend, Kenya Cuffie, said they have cried every day since they got the news that their best friend was ambushed and killed last Wednesday.

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Raesha Heard (Photo submitted by loved ones)

Family members told FOX 5 Raesha Heard was getting groceries out of the trunk in her parent's driveway on Kelley Chapel Road when someone opened fire, hitting her multiple times. Family members say even worse, her 8-year-old old son witnessed it all.

"Words can't explain how bad it hurts. For them to have had to witness that, it is just unexplainable," Cuffie said. "It's so hard."

Both the family and Raesha's friends said they know who shot her. Several of her family members were at the house when the deadly shooting happened.

Police confirmed they have identified a suspect, but they told FOX 5 they were not yet ready to release his name.

"He's doing a lot on his Instagram," Boykin said.

"He's taunting us, he's taunting the family," Kuffie agreed.

"He wants to go viral from this. Yes, we know who it is," Boykin said.

Meanwhile, Raesha's best friends who have known her since the ninth grade say they will miss so much about her.

"Her smile. She was the life of the party. Always so sweet," Cuffie said.

The two friends said they plan to reach out to DeKalb police to share all the information they have learned in the case.