DeKalb County man found shot to death with plastic bag covering his head

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DeKalb County police are working a bizarre homicide involving a 28-year old man found dead in his home with a plastic bag covering his head.

Police officers were called to Earl English's home after friends said they had not heard from him and co-workers told police he did not show up at the office Tuesday morning. When officers arrived, they found English's body slumped against the door.

“He had a brown bag tied around his head and he died from a gunshot wound,” said Shiera Campbell, DeKalb County Police Department.

Investigators said the kitchen cabinet doors were open and items were scattered throughout the house, but they could not determine if anything had been stolen. According to the police report, English had two cars, both which were still in the driveway.

Tobyus Hawes stood outside the home as detectives began their homicide investigation.

“I wanted it all to be a dream, but it was very real to see them when they brought the body out,” said Hawes.

Hawes said English was his best friend and did everything together.

“We were inseparable, our friends called us ‘Frick and Frack’ because you'd never see one of us without the other,” said Hawes.

Hawes said he is trying to move forward, but first he wants answers. He wants to know who killed his best friend and why.

“If anyone knows or heard anything, call someone, tell someone. Even if you think it's a small clue, it could turn out to be a big clue, just tell someone something,” said Hawes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the DeKalb County Police Department.