DeKalb County families homeless following Irma

A couple of DeKalb County families said they are lucky all of their loved ones are safe after a stormy day thanks to Tropical Storm Irma. Trees still littered the streets on Tuesday as families tried to tend to damage to their homes.

FOX 5 News caught up with seven family members who slept in their van Monday night in DeKalb County. That is including two toddlers.

A tree in front of their home brought their second floor down into their first. They said they are lucky to still have each other.

"I was hearing cracking and I instantly thought my daughter was in that room and I think it's the tree that was cracking so I screamed her name 'Sierra!' and so she ran out her room into the hall and as soon as she got in the hall it fell and it sounded like a bomb dropped on my house it was like ‘BOOM!’" said Patrice Dunn.

A huge oak tree in the family’s yard crashed right into the bed of their teenage daughter. It was the same bed in which she was lying in just moments before it came crashing down.

"As soon as she ran up out of that room I hugged her so tight, and I just the only thing I could say was 'Thank you, Lord' [be]cause I've got all my kids and it could have been a bad situation," said Dunn.

Dunn said they do not have any family in Georgia and they are not sure where they will sleep Tuesday night or the rest of the week

"I don't know what's next," she said. "We've just been calling FEMA and the Red Cross. We slept in the van last night, so we don't know what to do."

A few blocks away another home is badly damaged by a falling tree.

"All of the sudden, I heard this rumbling noise. And I didn't know where it was coming from. Then, I looked up at the ceiling and the ceiling was cracking," said Rosa Kitchens. "And I didn't even know this was coming behind it."

Kitchens had her whole family camping out at the house during the storm Monday. Two of her grandchildren were playing on her bed when she heard the tree crashed into her home and saw the ceiling fall.

"I had to get them off the bed so I just shoved them. I shoved them off the bed and I said ‘Go out, go out.’ And they went out, both of them," said Kitchens.

Both families called their insurance companies to make claims on Monday, but as of Tuesday evening, have not heard back from an adjuster.

The Dunn family said they called FEMA and the Red Cross. They said neither could immediately do anything to help until Georgia was listed in their systems.

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