Decatur woman celebrates 109th birthday

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Credit: Tonya Edwards

A Decatur woman is celebrating her 109th birthday on Saturday.

Mrs. Willie Mae Hardy was born on March 11, 1908 in Junction City, Georgia. Growing up, she worked on a farm and in the cotton fields.

She moved to Atlanta in 1939 and later joined Butler Street Baptist Church, where she is the oldest member, having served for more than 73 years.

In 1966, Hardy moved to Decatur, where she currently resides.

She enjoys pastel colors, attending church, listening to gospel music, watching inspirational shows and spending time her with family.

Her favorite television shows include Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns “ and “House of Payne” and “The Andy Griffin Show.” She also loves the movie, "The Help." 

Hardy has lived to raise six generations of children in her family. She has one daughter, seven grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, 30 great-great grandchildren and four great-great-great grandchildren.

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