De Brazza’s monkey born at San Diego Zoo for 1st time in 26 years

Photos of De Brazza's infant and monther.(Credit: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance)

There is a new, tiny face at the San Diego Zoo

On Wednesday, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance announced that a De Brazza’s monkey was born on Oct. 28 to parents Lillie and Augustus.

According to the organization, this is the first time a De Brazza’s monkey has been born at the zoo in 26 years. 

"Any birth is special and allows us to learn more about the conservation of the species," a wildlife care specialist at SDZWA told FOX Television Stations. While the De Brazza’s monkey is not an endangered species, they are at threat in their native ranges from habitat loss and illegal wildlife trafficking."

In photos taken by SDZWA, the primate can be seen holding tightly to its mother’s chest while they bond. 


The De Brazza's monkey was born on Oct. 28. (Credit: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance)

In the next few weeks, the infant is expected to start walking and climbing. It will stay close to its mother until it is weaned, at around one year old, according to the SDZWA. Its gender has not yet been determined. 

"The infant and its mother are doing very well," the specialist continued.

The organization says De Brazza’s monkeys are native to Central Africa. They live in trees and generally occupy forested regions near rivers and waterways. They’re a distinctive and colorful species, known for their white facial hair that resembles a beard.


The infant's gender has not yet been determined. (Credit: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance)

People can now visit the De Brazza’s monkeys – including the infant – at the San Diego Zoo.

The infant hasn’t been named yet. SDZWA said wildlife care specialists will do this in the near future.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.