Damaged roof forces Austell business to close after heavy rain

An Austell business was forced to close its doors Tuesday after heavy rain moved through the area. Paige’s Bistro temporarily shut down through at least Wednesday after the owners discovered a major leak in the roof.

Bailey said rain from outside found its way inside—eventually pouring through the roof of the building on Veterans Memorial Parkway on Tuesday afternoon.

"It was like really heavy over there for like two hours straight, and we first noticed a little drip, but before we knew it, it was a shower," owner Craig Bailey told FOX 5. "It was coming down in the lobby, the side of the storage wall, and into the kitchen as well." 

Bailey said they were left with no choice but to temporarily close while they assess damage to the roof and kitchen equipment. He told FOX 5 it’s a big blow to the business that’s been open less than a year—even if it is just shutting down for a day.

"Being closed one day, a couple of hours definitely hurts…on a Wednesday, because we do 50-cent wings, that’s probably a $6,000 day," he explained.

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An Austell business was forced to close after heavy rain damaged their roof on May 16, 2023. (FOX 5)

It’s unclear at this time how long Paige’s Bistro will be closed, but Bailey says they’ll know more Wednesday. 

While they wait for a damage assessment, he said they’re also trying to figure out how they’ll pay their employees. 

"With this happening now, not only do we have payroll Friday, but we can’t just not pay our crew members…they’re expecting full paychecks," he told FOX 5.

For now Bailey said they’re asking for prayers from the community and that when they do re-open, people support them by showing up.