Dalton treatment center employee accused of raping patient

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Authorities said Patrick Collins Nix was just hired as a floor technician and orderly at Highland Rivers Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, but he's now on unpaid leave following his arrest August 8th for sexual assault.

His accuser is a woman undergoing treatment at the facility in Dalton.

“The victim says he entered the room after lights out, forced her to take off her clothes, and then forced her to have sex,” Dalton Police spokesman Bruce Frazier told Fox 5's Portia Bruner on Tuesday.

Frazier said Nix is seen on security video walking inside the patient's room just after 1 a.m. on Saturday, and staying for several minutes before left the room with a cup in his hand. The woman told police Nix used a cup to collect the evidence of his alleged crime.

“State law prohibits healthcare workers, teachers, police officers and other people who are supervising or supposed to have care over someone from having sex with them — whether it's consensual or not,” Frazier said.

Police said the woman reported the rape around 9 a.m. Investigators collected evidence they said supports the victim's allegations.

Highland Rivers CEO Melanie Dallas said the patient's safety and well-being are her top priority as the police investigation continues. Dallas said floor techs are not allowed to enter patient rooms overnight without supervision, and confirms the video shows Nix, who was just recently hired, violated that policy.