Customer with CPL shoots at shoplifting suspect at Home Depot

A woman with a concealed weapons permit shot at a person suspected of shoplifting in Auburn Hills. Police say a shoplifter was leaving Home Depot around 2 p.m. Tuesday. As he walked out, the store's loss prevention employee tried to stop him.

"The shoplifter then got into a dark-colored SUV and begin to flee," says Lt Jill McDonnell of Auburn Hills Police Department.

Police say a customer in the parking lot witnessed the employee trying to stop the shoplifter - and decided to intervene.

"The customer, who was a CPL holder, then fired shots at the vehicle," McDonnell says. "(We) believe they blew out at least one of the tires on the vehicle."

Police are looking for the two suspects, the one who stole from inside the store and the one who drove the getaway vehicle.

"I think that's crazy. What else are you going to shoot at?" wonders Jim Luxton, a Home Depot shopper.

"It's just crazy that someone is going to shoot at somebody," says shopper Ann Comfort.

Police say the best thing that anyone can do - whether he or she is a CPL holder or not - is be a good witness.

"Take down information; write down description; wait for police; or call the police department," McDonnell says.

Police say the suspect's vehicle was last seen in the area of Brown and Joslyn roads.

"We are looking for two people," McDonnell says. "The driver of the small black sport utility vehicle with a flat tire was driven by an African-American male in 40s. And then the suspect who fled the store was a white male between 40 and 50 years old, wearing a black T-shirt with yellow writing on it and a black hat."

Investigators want anyone with information about the incident to contact police immediately.