Crossover Day wrap-up: Ga. lawmakers decide fate of many bills

Crossover Day has come and gone and Georgia lawmakers have decided the fate of many bills. With some rare exceptions, a bill needs to pass either the State House or Senate by the end of Crossover Day to become a law.

The controversial so-called "heartbeat" abortion bill was among the measures that beat the deadline.  The bill passed the House late Thursday night by a 93-73 vote. It would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat has been detected, which happens around six weeks after gestation. Current law allows women to get an abortion until approximately 20 weeks. Opponents claim the "heartbeat" bill would effectively ban abortions in Georgia because most women don't know they're pregnant until after six weeks. The bill's Crossover Day chances were iffy, but it got last-minute support when Governor Brian Kemp posted a video urging lawmakers to support it.  After the bill moved forward, former House Minority Leaders and Kemp's opponent in the Governor's race, Stacey Abrams, put out a tweet calling the bill cruel and petty.

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In the Senate, lawmakers approved a bill for the State to take control of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The airport is currently run by the City of Atlanta. Supporters say the move is needed to protect against mismanagement and corruption, but opponents, including city leaders, call the takeover a power grab. They claim the city does a good job running the world's busiest airport, and vow to sue if the bill passes.

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A bill dealing with electric scooters also moved forward. It prevents companies from parking the scooters in the way of traffic or pedestrians.  It also allows people to move any scooters they find placed in the dangerous location.

A booting ban didn't make the cut. It now will likely have to wait until next year to possibly become law.