Crook Changing Clothes Eludes Police

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Teddy Ahn thought it was a friend playing a joke when he saw a man enter his store wearing a bandana and baseball cap. Then he realized it was a robber who pushed through, showing what appeared to be a gun, demanding money at the counter.

"I didn't really see the gun actually he was trying to hide it. What could I do, yeah I gave him the money," said Teddy Ahn.

He said the masked man then forced him toward the back of the store, but left midpoint since customers were arriving. Ahn followed him, snapping a cell phone picture of a somewhat casual get away.

"He was a little faster than normal but he wasn't like rushing," said Ahn.

Police said perhaps that's because the bandit turned into a quick change artist at the Walmart next door.

"When he went into Walmart he went into the bathroom and he changed. He's blending in with all the rest of the folks in Walmart then exited the store and he's wearing something completely different," said Lt. Mike Ireland with the Henry County Police Department.

He said the bandit fooled police the first time after robbing the Shoe Department store last Wednesday. Two days later police figured it out when the quick change crook stole from Teddy Ahn at the Angie Beauty Store and left his shirt behind.

"It has his hair and all that so it's easy to find the DNA and stuff," said Ahn.

Now concerns are the bandit with a flair for wardrobe changes will rob again.

"We do not want to take a chance he might have a weapon and go into one of these stores and it might escalate into someone getting hurt," said Lt. Ireland.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact the Henry County Police Department.