Cremated remains found in storage facility

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A McDonough man found an urn, a box full of ashes, outside his U-Haul storage unit in the Eagles Landing area near Stockbridge.

UPDATED: Family found after cremated remains found at storage facility

Darren Scott said he assumes the remains are human because the name "Robert L Cornett" and the years "1925-1986" are inscribed on a plaque.

"It's something sacred you know I mean I lost a wife if I had lost her ashes if she had been cremated I'd be devastated," said Scott.

The loss of his wife a couple of years ago has led Scott to move from McDonough to Memphis, Tennessee, prompting him to empty and sell off the contents of his storage unit. And while at the U-Haul storage facility Wednesday, he happened to notice a box not far from his unit across the street on the grass.

"And I just happened to look and I seen somebody's name on it and I realized exactly what it was," said Scott.

He suspects someone forgot and misplaced the urn which had been in a closed box, safely keeping the ashes, until the seal was broken presumably not long ago.

"Once the top had came off, it could have been a box with nothing in it, but once I seen that, that's what really makes it sacred," said Scott.

It's a sacredness Scott wants returned to loved ones of Robert L Cornett. Scott said he first searched the internet, then called the police, then had Dan Collier, the manager of the facility, check records. Nothing pointed toward the loved ones.

"I'd like the family who had it to have it again. They kept it in storage for a reason I don't think they'd want to lose it," said Collier.

Collier and Scott decided to call FOX 5 News, hoping to find the rightful home for Cornett's ashes. Until then, the ashes are in a safe place in the U Haul office.

"I would like to see the family get it back. You know that was my main goal. That's all I can say is here is your loved one," said Scott.

Anyone with any knowledge of the ashes of Robert L Cornett is asked to contact the U-Haul Office in Eagles Landing at 678-379-5018.

Loved ones are asked to bring some proof of knowledge of Robert L. Cornett.