Crash Victims Thank Rescuer

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Her body still hurts with almost every movement, but Manju Gaur is thankful to be alive. She said it is all thanks to the help of an off-duty firefighter.

"He was an angel for us, at that time," said Gaur.

On Sunday night, Gaur and two friends were heading down Rock Chapel Road in DeKalb County, having just left Stonecrest Mall. That is when they were hit from behind, allegedly by Howard Thompkins, who authorities said was driving under the influence. The crash sent the car Gaur was riding in spinning out of control, hitting a guard rail multiple times.

"I was just thankful somebody stopped by and lent a hand," said Gaur's son, Puru.

The man who stopped to help happened to be an off-duty Henry County firefighter. He saw the crash and decided to follow the suspect, who had fled the scene. Once the firefighter got the tag number, he circled back to help Gaur and her friends.

"And he gave us moral support, that I needed at that time,” said Gaur.

Cops were able to track suspect Thompkins, arresting him and taking him to jail. Gaur said driver after driver saw the crash and kept going, except for that off-duty firefighter.

Thompkins posted bond and currently faces charges of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.