Cracking down on crime in Coweta County

Deputies in Coweta County are wrapping up what they called 30 days of heat and they aren't talking about the temperature but crime off the exit ramps of lnterstate 85.

Everything from armed robbery and drugs, to child cruelty and driving under the influence.

Sheriff Lenn Wood praised his deputy Trent Hastings who approached his supervisor at the start of summer with a plan to tackle high crime areas right off the exits ramps of Interstate 85.

In their 30 days of Heat, Sheriff Wood says his deputies made 245 arrests in these areas. Many of the people charged were not residents of Coweta County.

There were 81 felony arrests, 21 drivers charged with DUI, 730 traffic stops. Sheriff Wood says it all leads to safer streets for families.

And people who were victims of crimes in other counties benefited as well. Six stolen vehicles were recovered as well as seven stolen firearms.