Crackdown on repeat drug offenders in Butts County

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The Butts County Sheriff said he has had enough and is sending a message to repeat drug offenders.

"It will not be tolerated," Butts County Sheriff Gary Long said.

Twelve people from the city of Jackson are behind bars in the Butts County Jail on charges they possessed and were intending to distribute crack cocaine and other drugs.

"We'll never be able to stop the drugs coming in, but we can make a stand," Long said.

Sheriff Long told FOX 5 News a majority of the suspects are repeat offenders who have served reduced sentences on previous convictions.

"They give out a 20-year sentence and then the person is out in 24 months," Long said. "It's a swinging door."

The arrests are all part of a six-month long investigation by the Butts County Sheriff's Office after the sheriff said he is tired of seeing people get out of jail and commit the same crimes over and over.

"You can rehabilitate an addict, you can't rehabilitate a drug dealer," Long said. "You just can't."

Sheriff Long said the investigation is not done yet.

"We are still looking for four more people," Long said.

Sheriff Long said one of the four people they are still looking for is Alfred Brown, who also goes by "Fee Fee."

"He is the mastermind, the king pin, of all the cocaine distribution throughout the city of Jackson," Long said.

As part of the Georgia Recidivism Statute, Sheriff Long said he is pushing to see repeat drug offenders serve the entirety of their sentence.