Coweta deputy responsible for saving 4 lives with CPR training

When seconds count in a matter of life or death, there is one county deputy you might want to have nearby. His name is Stacy Beckom and he is a deputy with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

His CPR training has been put to the test four times since April 2019. All four people lived. When seconds count, he is the hero to have on your side, because the clock is ticking. I asked him if he ever wonders, why him?

“More than once, because it seems each time it happens, it’s in my zone, on the day that I work, during the hours that I work. I think about it quite often because it’s getting kind of eerie,” Beckom said.

After two successful saves with CPR, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office gave him his own AED. He would use it on the next two cardiac emergencies. Doing chest compressions is difficult and physically taxing, ten straight minutes of it, with a life on the line, with relatives looking on and with time running out.

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Four families are so grateful for the outcome and Deputy Beckom says he reflects on what it means for them.

“It’s important. They get to make more memories with their families. They get to spend more holidays and that’s what it’s all about and we are grateful for that,” Beckom said.

Deputy Beckom stressed the importance of time. And that’s why he encourages you to take a CPR class. Because when seconds count, it may be up to you to give life-saving aid.

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