Coweta County man, 70, arrested for child molestation; disturbing photos found

Investigators in Coweta County are making a public appeal after the arrest of a 70-year-old man on child molestation charges and the discovery of what they say were disturbing photographs dating back to the 1980s. 

Investigators say they have identified three victims so far in their case against 70-year-old Jefferson Thurmond, and they believe there are more. 

They say they have charged him with two counts of manufacturing child pornography and two counts of molestation. They expect more charges as the investigation continues. They say Thurmond took photos and videos of himself with the victims. 

They say there are photos on his phone dating back to the 1980s. Those have triggered concern here over the possibility of more victims dating back decades. 

Investigators say the 70-year-old Thurmond is retired. He was being held without bond here at the Coweta County Jail as of Thursday. 

Investigators are encouraging the public to contact them if they have information about Jefferson Thurmond.