Coweta County issues 'unexcused' absences for solar eclipse

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A Coweta County mother is taking a stand after her three children received unexcused absences for missing school to witness the solar eclipse.

Kelly Daniel said she decided to let her kids miss school after learning just a few days before the big event, that the eclipse glasses the Coweta County School District ordered were recalled and students would not be able to witness it.

"Once they knew those glasses were not going to be available, there should have been other measures put in place," said Kelly Daniel.

Kelly and her family drove to Blairesville to witness the solar eclipse.  She said she knew it would count as an unexcused absence, however Kelly said the next day she learned at her son's open house that students who attended school for part of the day received an excused absence. Kelly said she was never notified of that option.

"I think it's a shame, I think its kind of a punitive measure taken against children," said Kelly.  "They are punishing children for seeking out educational experiences."

In an email to FOX 5 a Coweta County Schools spokesperson said.

"While this is technically "unexcused," there is no penalty to the student and work can be made up, etc.  This occurs throughout the year when students have unique opportunities that result in them missing a day of school.  It should not affect students or families unless there is a matter of chronic student absenteeism as the school year goes on."

But Kelly said one of her children has a preexisting condition and misses school more than the average student.

 "One unexcused absence may not affect my youngest child or my oldest child, but my other child, it may affect," said Kelly.

And while Kelly hopes the school district will rethink the absences, she said it was well worth it.

"I don't regret taking my children out for this opportunity," said Kelly.