Coweta County 911 dispatchers recognized for hard work

Communities across metro Atlanta are observing National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, a time dedicated to expressing gratitude to 911 operators for their crucial role in emergency response.

In Coweta County, deputies visited the Emergency 911 Center to distribute gifts as part of the week-long celebration. The gesture served as a token of appreciation for the tireless efforts of these operators in supporting the sheriff’s department.

The impact of 911 operators on the community is evident from the headlines adorning the walls of the center, showcasing stories of babies born and lives saved during emergency calls.

With over 50 911 operators, Coweta County boasts a fully staffed team—a rarity amidst the staffing challenges faced by emergency call centers nationwide, including those in metro Atlanta.

The role of a 911 operator is recognized as demanding and often stressful, involving the management of traumatic and perilous situations.

Sheriff Lenn Wood acknowledges the invaluable support provided by 911 operators, particularly during times of grief such as the recent loss of a Coweta County deputy, where they stood alongside department employees in offering grief counseling.

To alleviate stress, emergency call centers have adopted innovative approaches, from incorporating treadmills to organizing puppy petting sessions. In Coweta, operators can even take yoga breaks.

As the week concludes, operators and their families will gather for their own celebration—an '80s-themed party with a best dip competition.