Covington police offices saves choking toddler

Officer Matt Holbrook said the thank you note from the parents of Adrian Tovar means the world to him, but holding the 15-month-old two weeks after their first encounter absolutely warmed his heart. 

"We went out there yesterday and talked to them and got to see him and see that he's doing fine. Seeing him up crawling around and he was playing on the porch was a good feeling," said Officer Holbrook.

On May 2, Holbrook rushed to the Tovar family home on North Street following a call to 911 about a cardiac arrest. He was close to the home and has advanced medical training.

He said the family was screaming as the 15-month-old boy struggled to breathe.

"I couldn't feel any breathing, couldn't see any breathing so I grabbed him and started doing back blows to him and after the third blow, he looked up and started breathing," said Holbrook.

Covington police said Adrian was treated and released from the hospital the next day. A few days later, a thank you note arrived at Covington Police Headquarters--one that reminded the night shift training officer why he's grateful he took an oath to serve and protect Covington seven years ago.

"The family was very grateful, not only to me but to all the first responders, the fire department, the EMS. It's nice to be in a community that has your back and it's always a good feeling when you do something that actually helps somebody and you get to see the after effect because a lot of times we don't get to see that," said Holbrook, who is expecting his first child in late July.

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