Covington family says son was killed while giving a friend a ride

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Police are investigating a triple shooting in College Park early Monday morning that left one person dead and two others injured.

It happened outside of The Life at Avery Park apartment complex on Charlestown Drive.

According to police, a female went out Sunday and met two guys. One of those guys was 36-year-old Skyler McKenzie, a devoted father of a 13-month-old son.  Skyler's mother is heartbroken.

"She was going to get an Uber home. He asked her where she lived and when she said 15 miles away, he said I will take you home. That is what kind of guy he was. When they pulled up the boyfriend just opened fire on them, " Cherokee McKenzie told FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor.

Police confirmed the woman was planning on taking an Uber home to her apartment, where she lives with her boyfriend, but the guys offered to drive her home instead.

Investigators said as the three pulled into the apartment complex, the woman's boyfriend was waiting outside. Shortly after, the boyfriend starting firing shots.

Someone in the car got out and shot back. Police say the girlfriend was shot in the neck.

She was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

The boyfriend was also injured in the shooting. He's listed in stable condition.

Neighbor Ingrid Tyer said the shooting was out of character for the couple who always appeared happy.

"They seemed to be sweet, in love with one another. I have never known them to have any outdoor aggression with each other. I don't know what brought all this about," Tyer remarked.

According to police, the second guy in the vehicle ducked in the backseat during the shootout. He wasn't injured.

Police said they are still trying to sort out exactly what happened before charges will be filed.