Covington baby with new heart 'doing amazing' ahead of 1st birthday

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A Covington baby who received a new heart just before Christmas is preparing to celebrate his first birthday. 

Last year, Kaleb Waddleton's parents thought their son had a simple cold, but instead doctors diagnosed him with dilated cardiomyopathy. Simply put: he had weak heart muscle and the symptoms included coughing, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite and bloating.

After spending months at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, baby Kaleb received a new heart on December 4. 

"This boy is definitely a miracle and God's precious child that He continues to take care of," Kaleb's mother Marissa Waddleton previously said on Facebook.

Last week, Kaleb had his six-month checkup where a heart cath revealed zero rejection. 

"He's doing amazing," Waddleton told FOX 5. "You would never know the difference."

Next month, baby Kaleb will turn 1 year old. 

"He's very close to walking and is keeping us very busy, like any other almost 1 year old," Waddleton said. 

Waddleton said her son still has to get frequent lab draws, but his appointments are now every two months. She said throughout this journey, the power of prayer has been amazing.

"God has truly blessed us." 

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