COVID-19 survivor says virus took toll on mental health

Christopher Baron says his battle with COVID-19 was a painful and hard fight.

He said his health "deteriorated really quick."

Baron, who is originally from Maryland, said the virus attacked his lungs and kidneys.

"My kidneys wasn't functioning at all. I also had to have blood transfusions. I had sepsis, which is infection of your blood," he explained.    

After 40 days at Piedmont Fayette Hospital and 10 days in rehab, he's now recovering at his Fulton County home.

He's been home for about three weeks.

"My kidneys function and they're functioning almost at 100%. My lungs are functioning almost at 100% at normal level now," he detailed when we talked through Zoom.

Baron said he learned to walk again and is building his strength and endurance.

However, the 51-year-old told FOX 5's Brian Hill, COVID-19 also took a toll on his mental health.

"I pretty much stay home right now because I'm scared that I might contract it again."

He’s still working through the mental aspect of his recovery.

"At this point, I haven't been around any individuals, other than my husband," he said.

He also feels the state of Georgia reopened too soon.

"People just don't seem to take it serious to me."

Though his recovery is not over, Baron said he hopes his story will encourage others battling coronavirus, and their loved ones.

"Don't give up. Stay strong. Fight the virus and pray," he said.

Baron told us he was one of the first people in Georgia to test positive for the virus. He believes he contracted COVID-19 while traveling earlier this year.

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