Couple carjacked secretly signals police for help

An Atlanta Police Captain rescues a husband and wife who were being carjacked and forced to drive with a gun pointed to their heads.  The Captain says the wife secretly tipped him off that they needed help.

Atlanta Police Capt. Rick Mason says he spotted a car drive slowly and swerve toward him.  He says he looked the driver in the eyes and that's when he knew something terrible was happening.  "She looked right at me and mouthed 'Help Me'" says Capt. Mason.

The Captain made a U-turn, at that point the woman and her husband stopped the car, jumped out and ran toward him yelling they had been kidnapped and robbed.  A third person, a man, climbed out of the car and had a gun. "A gun in his right hand, a panic look on his face, he ran around the back of his car, fumbled with the gun, jumps in the driver's seat and hits the gas," says Capt. Mason.

Capt. Mason chased after him.  A little more than a mile later, the man crashed into another car on Campbellton Road.  

Police identified the driver as 33 year old Jeremy Summers. He faces numerous charges including kidnapping, robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.  Police say about an hour before he carjacked and kidnapped the couple, Summers carjacked someone else. 

The husband told FOX 5 that he's proud of his wife for secretly tipping off the police.  He says his wife saved their lives and calls her a hero.

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