Conyers Police crack down on prostitution

Conyers Police said the latest bust involving nine "Johns" shows the efforts of law enforcement to take down prostitution and human trafficking in the city. 

"What we're targeting are all the other things that come along with pimping,prostitution: human trafficking, drugs, robberies, violence," said Officer Kim Lucas. 

Since 2013, officers have performed stings at the numerous hotels along the Interstate 20 corridor. The latest sting at the Motel 6 netted nine arrests.

Officers use websites to set up meet-ups between a customer looking for a prostitute, and arrest them at the hotel rooms.  

Police said numerous crimes involving prostitution are a danger to the city and innocent bystanders in the motels; police said over the years, officers have seen johns been beaten and robbed and prostitutes violently raped. People involved in the organized crime have also brought drugs to the locations. 

In the months leading up to and after the Super Bowl, Conyers Police and the GBI have teamed up in recent months to crack down on human trafficking and teenagers forced into the sex trade.  

"Human trafficking is a huge crisis right now. Any chunk we can take out of that is really an effort to eradicate that," Lucas said.