Conyers Cell Phone Crooks Believed Connected to Similar Crimes

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Police in Conyers are searching for a trio of fast moving thieves responsible for the theft of multiple cell phones.

Investigators said it's likely the same crew which has also ripped off other stores in Metro Atlanta.

In surveillance video from the Conyers Radio Shack three men in hoodies enter a day before their snatch and grab.

Conyers police said they first cased out the place to figure out the lay out of the store then returned the next day in broad day light while employees were working to steal as many cell phone as they could grab.

Conyers Resident John Sommer said the thefts did not surprise him because modern smart phones are in great demand.

Conyers police said the snatch and grab crew is likely responsible for similar thefts at several other stores in Metro Atlanta including neighboring DeKalb County.

Officer Kim Lucas said it appears the same three men wearing similar clothing have been spotted in similar thefts at other stores in metro Atlanta including neighboring Dekalb County.

Lucas said it's very possible the thieves sold the stolen store-registered cell phones to unsuspecting customers quickly after they were stolen, right before Christmas.

She said the people who bought the cell phones will learn the phones can be turned off by the store.

Police are hoping a $2,500 reward will shake information loose. Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS.