Community steps up to help 91-year-old woman with a new tricycle

The community is stepping up to help a 91-year-old woman after someone stole her customized tricycle.

Louise got a new tricycle on Sunday after losing her bike at Pierce College two days ago. 

She said that secured the bike with a rope lock, but someone cut it off and took her bike. This bike was Louise's only way of getting around town, and especially when she wanted to make her exercise classes at Pierce College gym.

Thanks to donations and the generosity of  Reseda Bicycle Louise got a new one! 

Police are still trying to help her locate her bike that was stolen because it was customized for her physical capabilities. 

The bike is a mid 2000 RED Town and Country Tricycle. The handle bars are turned inward with a gear shift on the right handle and a metal basket on the back. She was extremely proud of the fact that she had over 25,000 miles logged on this bike.

"Please keep an eye out for this type of bicycle," Slo Sean Dinse, senior lead officer with LAPD Topanga, said. "I'm sure by now it has already been spray painted a different color."

Dinse asked anyone with information to contact the non-emergency line 1-877-275-5273 referencing LASD Sheriff's Case # 919-00117-8752-386.

"Since Bike Theft is a huge problem, help us help you," Dinse said. "Please go on-line and register your bike at the Project 529 link. A majority of bicycle serial numbers aren't registered and officers have no way of identifying whether they're stolen. This will give you the opportunity to have your bike's serial number placed in the National Bicycle Registry and help officers identify your bicycle in the event it's ever stolen."