Georgia mother has kids toss bags of marijuana from SUV during high-speed chase, deputies say

A Columbus mother faces drug charges after deputies say she led them on a high-speed chase down Interstate 85. Those deputies say the woman and her boyfriend had her children in the back seat while throwing bags of marijuana out of the car during the chase.

Christina Roberts is just now being charged for the Dec. 10 chase because she was ejected from the car and injured.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office released body cam video of that chase. Deputies say the traffic was heavy as her blue Dodge Nitro approached. Deputies were in hot pursuit and say before the traffic, Roberts was traveling at more than110 mph in her attempt to getaway.

They say she refused to pull when a deputy noticed her brake light out.

Once she reached the traffic, they say she became even more desperate and dangerous, almost causing numerous accidents.

At one point deputies say they saw bags of what was later determined to be marijuana thrown out of the car onto the highway by Robert’s children in the back seat.

Deputies decided to perform a low-speed PIT maneuver, saying her driver had put hundreds of people at risk on the busy freeway.

The video stops right after the Dodge hits the median wall. They say Roberts was ejected from the driver’s seat on impact. 

At the scene, deputies say they arrested Roberts’ boyfriend, 31-year-old Deshawn Renfroe, of Box Springs. 

Roberts was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and arrested when released this month.

Deputies say they found her children in the back seat of the car unharmed.

They say they also found marijuana, weight scales, and rolling paper.

Both Renfroe and Roberts face felony drug charges. She faces felony traffic charges as well.

Deputies say Renfroe’s children were turned over to DFACS.