College custodian takes free classes, graduates

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A 54-year-old Massachusetts man is proving the value of perseverance and lifelong learning.

2007 was a rough year for many families across the country. Like many others, Mike Vaudreuil lost his construction business and home. 

According to The Daily Herd, Vaudreuil needed to take a job to survive.

He found that job as a custodian at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The job came with benefits, including tuition-free classes. 

He decided to major in mechanical engineering, which he thought would provide more opportunities than other majors. 

Vaudreuil told the school's paper, The Daily Herd, “I was extremely impressed by my fellow students—at no time was I made to feel like an outsider, like I didn’t belong. I can’t say enough about the student body here—they’re impressive young people. And the faculty, as well, treated me like any student, challenged me like the rest of the students, motivated me, inspired me.”

It took him eight years, but he walked across a stage to get his diploma on May 14. 

Vaudreuil is looking forward to opportunities with his new degree.