Cobb County teacher donating kidney to fellow teacher's wife

A Cobb County teacher will be absent for several weeks, for a very good reason.  When Greg Torbert found out a fellow teacher's wife desperately needed a kidney, he knew he had to step up.

Greg Torbert and George Cronin are both 8th-grade teachers at Awtrey Middle School. But a life and death situation has brought them much closer. 

Cronin's wife, Janey, has kidney failure.  On the first day of school, Cronin told the staff she needed a kidney to save her life.

"I thought oh dear God please help me I don't want to lose my wife," said George Cronin.

Greg Torbert, who has never even met Janet, didn't hesitate to raise his hand and volunteer.

"It was just the right thing to do. When he spoke I felt he was talking directly to me," said Torbert.

Torbert went through all the tests and passed them all.  He was a perfect match.  This Friday Torbert will donate one of his kidneys to Cronin's wife.

"It's still so surreal that it's actually happening," said Torbert.

Cronin, who has taught at Awtrey for more than two decades says this life lesson is the most important one ever.

"If you have two good kidneys and you're in good shape and you know somebody who needs a kidney, step up and be a hero because that's being a hero," said Cronin.