Cobb County Sheriff supports President Trump's wall

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As President Trump spoke to the nation Tuesday night about building a wall along the southern border, one of his strongest supporters was in Cobb County, Sheriff Neil Warren. 

Sheriff Warren says it's about the safety and welfare of Americans.  In an open letter to Congress the sheriff wrote, “For more than 20 years, we have been asking Congress to provide funding to stop the flow of illegal immigration and the carnage, trauma, and suffering it brings to our neighborhoods."

In the letter, Sheriff Warren also criticized lawmakers who don't support the 5.7 billion dollar barrier.

It states, "I am, like most Americans, fed up with Congress’s refusal to do their jobs and fund the border wall."

Jerry Gonzalez is the Director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.  He says Sheriff Warren is doing a disservice to Cobb County residents. 

"I think it's disgraceful for a public service official to be utilizing his position to be fear mongering against immigrants," said Gonzalez.

Sheriff Warren is known to be tough on illegal immigrants.  The Cobb County Sheriff's Office was one of the first to partner with immigration officers to investigate and deport undocumented people living in the county illegally.  

While the Sheriff demanded Congress pass legislation to fund the wall, saying it's about safety, Gonzalez says Warren is only hurting those he took an oath to protect and serve. 

"I think it's disgraceful, he should be ashamed of himself and he should apologize to Cobb County residents," said Gonzalez.