One person dead in devastating Cobb County apartment complex fire

One person was found dead in a major Cobb County apartment complex fire that displaced 39 residents.

"I heard something just go ‘boom,’" Diego Medero, a witness to the fire, told FOX 5. "I guess that's when the fire ended up going up. And I ended up seeing it just burst the whole building into flames."

SKYFOX 5 flew over the scene at The Hamptons at East Cobb Apartment Homes on Roswell Road Monday morning. Parts of the roof were completely burnt. Investigators said 29 units suffered smoke, fire and water damage.

Officials said 50 firefighters from both Marietta and Cobb County teams battled the fierce flames for more than an hour. The first crew arrived just three minutes after the first call for help came in. The crew said they saw smoke and immediately responded.

"When units arrived, there was fire showing from the front side of the building--what we call the alpha side of the building--through the second story, and through the roof of the structure," said Ramses Rivas from the Cobb County Fire Department.

One resident, Ashley Walker, said she rushed home when she heard about the fire to try and get to her dog.

"We get a call that our building's on fire, and so I parked really fast and ran up," Walker said. "But they won't let us go in."

FOX 5 cameras caught the moment a firefighter reunited her with her 15-year-old pup Charlie.

The victim in the blaze has been identified as 74-year-old Thomas Alexander, who was found dead in Apartment 226.

The victim of the deadly fire will not have their identity released until officials are able to notify their family.

The Red Cross is working to provide housing for others affected.

Investigators said they are still working to determine how the fire started and where.