Cobb County Restaurant Ransacked, Crooks Caught on Camera

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Thieves made their way into a Cobb County restaurant and stole thousands of dollars in kitchen equipment just weeks before the grand opening.

The Yeero Village Authentic Greek restaurant was set to open in two weeks, but after thieves took off with about $20,000 in kitchen equipment, the owner is pushing the opening back.

"Neighborhood is excited for us to open, we are excited for us to open, people asking when are you going to open," said Gus Tselios, owner of Yeero Village in Cobb County. "That is why we put extra crews to work so we can rush to open, everyone is waiting for it including myself and you get a little let down like this where you get pushed back for things that are beyond your control.”

The incident was caught on surveillance video. The owner of the restaurant on Sandy Plains Road only released the video to FOX 5's Nathalie Pozo.

"Came in here and took out some important equipment that we have, that we had sent from Greece so we can make these gyros, we have chicken gyros, pork gyros, beef and lamb and you roast them homemade and this equipment is different than you would find here," said Tselios.

In the surveillance video you can the thieves walking in through the unlocked door and looking around the restaurant, employees said the crooks took off with a microwave, fryers and coolers and loaded them onto a pickup. In some shots you can their faces clearly and the tattoos on one of the thieves arms.

Tselios hopes by releasing this surveillance video someone will recognize the crooks and call police.