Cobb County police nab 'dangerous' Atlanta homicide suspect

A man wanted on a homicide charge in Atlanta is now behind bars after he led police on a foot chase in Cobb County. It happened near Shenandoah Trail not far from Hillcrest Drive in southeast Cobb County. Police are releasing body camera video of the chase.

Cobb County police spotted the guy on the Shenandoah trail.

"At the time, they only knew he was wanted for aggravated assault," said Sgt. Eric Smith with Cobb police.

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(Credit: Cobb County Police Department)

When officers put on their lights and sirens, the suspect took off into the woods.

"He ran a short distance," Smith said.

Officers followed the suspect with their tasers drawn. The man refused to obey their repeated commands to stop running. He tripped, and hit the ground, opening himself to be handcuffed.

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(Credit: Cobb County Police Department)

"The suspect was found to have a firearm on his person," Smith said.

Police admitted chasing a suspect comes withs risks.

"When someone is facing serious charges like that, they are going to be operating off flight or fight response. They obviously don’t want to go to jail," Smith said.

After some investigating, officers found out the man they took off the streets was wanted for a homicide in Atlanta.

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(Credit: Cobb County Police Department)

"He has been charged with some fairly violent crimes, so I would say he’s dangerous," Smith.

Police would not release the suspect’s name, or the specifics of the homicide charge. All they’d say is he faces a number of counts, including homicide, aggravated assault and weapons offenses.