Cobb County offering grants to help those struggling with rent, mortgages during COVID pandemic

Whether it's because of illness or job loss, many people are financially struggling during this pandemic. Cobb County has  $6 million to give to people who can't pay their rent or mortgage because of COVID-19.

"These are grants, F-R-E-E, free money," said Ernest Davis with Cobb Homesaver.

Grants of up to $4,800 are being given to those who are eligible. The money is available from the Federal CARES Act.

"We really urge anyone who is having a challenge paying their mortgage or even if you're renting a home you can qualify for the Cobb Homesaver program," said Davis.

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If you live in Cobb County and can't pay your mortgage or rent due to hardship from COVID-19, you are eligible.

"A lot of the families we talk to haven't been able to pay rent since March, April, or May," said Marjy Stagmeier.  

Stagmeier is with STAR-C, a nonprofit that works to keep children in the local school system by working with landlords to offer affordable rent.

"You apply thorough your landlord, we can fund up to $4,850 per family and we have a lot of families who've applied. So far we've given out over 400 grants to families in Cobb," said Stagmeier.

"It's going to be a huge help for me," said Martin Klous.

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Klous is thankful he found out about the grant, he hasn't worked in a while and he's only been able to pay part of his rent.  He's now going to make sure others who are struggling know about it too.

"I already sent it to some friends, sent it to my church. If anybody needs it, there's help in Cobb County," he said.

There is some paperwork involved, and grants are awarded to those who are eligible on a first-come, first-served basis, so Cobb County officials say the earlier you can apply the better.

To find out more information you can find it on the Cobb County Government website or their social media.

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