Cobb County man arrested for impersonating a police officer

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A Cobb County man is in jail for impersonating a police officer.

Smyrna police said 23-year-old Bryant Brough's SUV looked so much like a law enforcement vehicle, at first glance, even they were fooled.

According to investigators, the white Tahoe had sirens, lights, even a mount for a computer next to the driver's seat.  Officers said inside the vehicle they found a tactical helmet, vests, 535 rounds of ammo, two glocks and two long guns. Police said they also found a badge from the Atlanta Police Department. 

Atlanta police said they're investigating to find out how the badge ended up in the SUV.

Smyrna Police pulled the driver over in a parking lot off Concord Road. Officials said Brough got out of his car with his gun. 

"He immediately took up a tactical position behind the door and was standing there with his firearm out of the case at his side," said Smyrna Police Officer Louis Defense.

Police said it was a tense and dangerous situation, magnified by the recent police shootings across the nation, but the officers were able to convince Brough to put down his weapon. 

"This was clearly a situation that could have escalated into a lethal force, through their skillful verbal commands and de-escalation tools, they were able to get the guy to surrender," said Officer Defense.