Cobb County cruise ship passengers continue to make their way to Dobbins ARB

Relieved cruise ship passengers continue to make their way to Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Cobb County -- after spending a week quarantined in their cabins. Grand Princess Cruise officials ordered passengers to remain in their cabins after a number of crew members and passengers fell ill from Coronavirus.

"The bus is moving and it feels good to be off the ship," said Karen Dever as a charter bus started leaving the dock in Oakland, California. From one week in a Hawaiian paradise followed by one week in coronavirus confinement, it's been a long journey for Karen and her husband Harry and everyone else who's waited anxiously to get off the cruise ship.

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Karen told FOX 5's Portia Bruner they made it all the way onto the bus, only to be told they were being taken to a hospital.

"I'm like what do you mean emergency hospital? We're not sick. We haven't called anybody for help. You've got the wrong room. Then they told us we had to get back on board the ship and wait in our cabins again," the Moorestown, New Jersey retiree said.

The Devers have no Coronavirus symptoms and officials checked their temperatures before they were allowed to get on the bus.

"When I came off the ship the first time, getting down on to land was a little emotional, but now we're fine now. I just want it to be over. I just want it to be over, that's all," she said.