Cobb County School District bans teaching students critical race theory

Critical race theory will not be taught in Cobb County Public Schools. Board members voted against the curriculum Thursday afternoon. Following that decision, dozens of parents gathered outside their district office to protest.

The three Black board members abstained from voting on a resolution to prohibit teaching critical race theory, while the four white members voted in favor of it.

The resolution also banned The New York Times 1619 Project.

"It's a revisionist’s history and history should be thorough. It should not be revisionists, okay," Chairman Randy Scamihorn said.

Part of the reason the Republican board members wanted to prohibit CRT is because of concerns raised by some parents.

"I think we should be encouraging unity and that kind of diversity," member David Chastain mentioned.

Critical race theory examines how race and racism function in law and society.

The Democrats on the board questioned the rush to ban CRT and the resolution's lack of a definition explaining what CRT means.

"We are now, very dangerously, getting ready to put something in place that will limit the responsiveness that our teachers need in order to meet the needs of all children here in Cobb County. That's the danger of this. What is critical race theory and not having a definition," Hutchins explained.

Board Member Charisse Davis went on to say that "This is the second time this board is considering a resolution full of things that aren't true. To say that the school board encourages diversity of viewpoints is completely laughable."

The resolution reads that neither CRT nor the 1619 project will be implemented under those names or any other names in Cobb County Schools.

"I think it's important for us to have conversations about what CRT is but what race and racism have done to impact the outcomes that we are still experiencing," community member John Nwosu said.

He was one of the many to line up outside the district office following Thursday’s vote.

"What I think is more jarring is this idea that we think this causes racism or this fear that white kids in the district are then going to feel some type of way if they learn true and accurate history," parent Mindy Seger said.

Sandy Whitehead has a different view.

"Critical race theory in and of itself is racist. Most people are good. Most people are not racist," Whitehead explained.

He went on to say that CRT is racist, stating, "We don't want our children taught Critical Race Theory because it's bogus."

The Georgia Board of Education recently passed a resolution denouncing the teaching of critical race theory and Governor Brian Kemp has called it "divisive".

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