Co-workers team up for an act of kindness

Some Atlanta co-workers teamed up to do something special for one of their colleagues. The deed has gone viral.

Sean Parker walks more than two miles each way to JCT. Kitchen & Bar in Atlanta's Westside Market. 

"He's so friendly willing to help," say the restaurant's manager, Arisha Neff. "He jumps right in, gets right to it, no questions."

Parker, who started at the restaurant in February, says the walk never bothered him. 

"I have another job [and] I usually walk from here to the other job," Parker told FOX 5.

Co-workers noticed.

"We all got together and were like, 'What can we do for Sean to make it a little easier for him'", says Neff.

Co-workers pulled their money together. 

The team came together at the start of Wednesday's shift. They surprised Parker with a bike.

"Everybody here got good hearts," says Parker. "[They're] trying to give somebody less fortunate something. That's real cool."

Several co-workers recorded the surprise and posted it on various social media platforms. As of Friday night, one Instagram post had more than 1.7M views.

"It was not extravagant, but it meant so much," says Neff. "As a person looking in and seeing that, you feel it and that's the best feeling ever to know you just did that for someone else they appreciated it. You see your staff rallying for it, too. That's just a great feeling."

Parker told FOX 5's Kerry Charles the bike needed a few adjustments. He planned to ride it home for the first time Friday evening.

"I thought it was dope like a really cool gift," he says.