Co-workers remember woman found dead, husband charged with murder

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Co-workers of a Spalding County woman found dead in her home held a vigil near the crime scene Sunday.

Deputies found the body of 50-year-old Sandy Cherry Thursday in her home in Griffin.They arrested her husband, Earl Cherry, and charged him with malice and felony murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery among other charges.

Mrs. Cherry worked at Wesbury Medical Care and Rehab in Jackson. Her co-workers called police when she didn't show up to work Thursday. That's when deputies conducted a welfare check. They said Earl Cherry gave conflicting stories about her whereabouts and refused to let them inside. They later entered the home and made the gruesome discovery.

Cherry's friend and co-worker Linda Hubbard said she knew something wasn't right. Many of Cherry's fellow housekeepers also suspected the couple had a rocky relationship.

"It was shocking. I knew something was wrong," Hubbard said.

"Sometimes it was like she wanted to open  up and say, 'this is what is going on,' but there was something inside of her that said, 'don't do it,'" said co-worker Yvonne Lee who often rode to work with Cherry.

Friends said Cherry's family lives out-of-state. She leaves behind an adult son.

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