Clinton campaign volunteer rewarded for decades of service

A “super volunteer” for the Hillary Clinton campaign is getting a reward for her decades of volunteering: a trip to Philadelphia for the convention.

Eva Maile-Ichkhanian started volunteering for the Clintons in the late-70s, when Bill Clinton ran for governor of Arkansas. She also volunteered for his presidential campaign. And now, she’s campaigning for Hillary — volunteering about fifteen hours each week.

“To me, Hillary is incredibly strong and knowledgeable. And very pragmatic,” Eva, a Minneapolis resident, told Fox 9. “Hillary is a warm person. She’s open. She speaks to you, she listens to you. She’s funny, too.”

The campaign selected a top volunteer from each state, and invited them as “campaign ambassadors” to watch Hillary Clinton give her acceptance speech in Philadelphia.

When asked what it will be like to witness that speech, Eva told Fox 9, “I’m probably going to cry because aside from anything and everything, it’s history. We are making history.”